Below are a list of submissions to the 2017 PanSIG Journal that still need to be Peer Reviewed. If you are interested in Peer Reviewing one of the papers please copy the Paper ID and the Title of Submission and submit a Review Request to the PanSIG Journal editors. We will contact you within 24 hours with a copy of that paper to review.

1704 Cultivating Interest in L2 Acquisition and Nourishing Second Language Ego with Smartphone Technology in the ESL Classroom
1706 Supervising Sotsurons
1708 Extending Class Presentations Beyond the Classroom with Moxtra
1712 GILE SIG Forum: Educating for Global Citizenship
1714 [r] Interference in Learning Spanish as a Foreign Language
1717 Literature in Language Teaching SIG Forum Report
1720 Expanding Students’ Self-Awareness and Cultural Awareness Through Intercultural Communication Activities
1721 Developing a New Locus of Control Instrument: The Abridged Kambara Scale
1722 Creating Simple Interactive Plays in English for Japanese Young Learners
1723 Using Modern Tabletop Games in Your EFL Classroom
1724 “G-PACS”: Process of Development and Effects of Political Simulation Games
1725 Promoting EFL College Learners’ Language Learning Strategies
1726 Beyond English-Encouraging Students to Expand Their Interests in Other Foreign Languages
1728 Authentic Writing Projects Animating International Communication and Cultural Exchange
1730 Movies in the EFL Classroom: To Watch or Not to Watch?
1731 From Creation to Evaluation - Where to go now?
1734 Approaching L2 Only Classrooms with Real-Time Anonymous Self-Reporting
1738 How to Invite Others to the Activities with Correction Invitations across Languages
1741 Expand Your Languages Beyond Your First Foreign Language

Note: This list only reflects those papers that still need to be peer reviewed. Papers that have already been reviewed by the required number of reviewers (or that are in the process of being reviewed) have been removed from this list. If you have questions about your paper please contact us.