You can download the form that you need to review the articles here or from the bottom of this page. This form has 7 points for you to consider when reading the article. The points are listed below.

PanSIG Conference Proceedings Review Points

  1. Significance of the topic/problem/practice and potential interest to SIG readers
  2. Description of the topic/problem/practice within a theoretical/conceptual framework
  3. Use of literature to support the above framework/engage with others in the field
  1. For research oriented articles
    • Appropriateness of research design and method
    • Accurate/clear description of research findings
    • Sound argument and interpretation of findings
  1. For teaching practice oriented articles
    • Appropriateness of the practice and sound rationale
    • Clear description of the innovation / practice itself and any outcomes
    • Clear and sound statement of implications of the innovation / practice
    1. Logical conclusion
    2. Complete, clear and well-organized presentation of paper
    3. Any other issues

Download the form.