More Details about Peer Review

Thank you for your interested in reviewing for the PanSIG Proceedings. General instructions about the review process, including what to do if you are interested in helping us with the peer review process for this years proceedings, will be available after the 2016 PanSIG conference. If you are interested in participating in the review process please let us know.

Reviewing Stance: In general, we see the PanSIG conference proceedings as an opportunity for PanSIG presenters to share what they presented at the conference to a wider audience. It is also a chance for professional development for many JALT members. As such, we ask that reviews are, as much as possible, constructive rather than evaluative. Please try to focus your comments on how the paper could be improved. A balanced review identifying positive and negative points with suggestions how to improve a paper, rather than a review which only identifies flaws, will be much more helpful as the author and editor move forward. Remember that authors will revise their papers based on your reviews so the more comprehensive the review, the more helpful it will be. We focus on helping authors improve their papers rather than acting as an accept-reject gatekeeper. Of course, you may still recommend that the article be declined, but it will be more helpful for the author if you explain your reasons for doing so. Reasons for recommending rejection would include a flawed premise or methodology that cannot be rectified through revision.

Review Contents: The PanSIG proceedings uses a 7-point review form that can be found here. Please organise your review around these 7 points.

Review Process: Once you have chosen a paper that you are interested in reviewing you can then request that paper to review. After you have done this we will be in touch with you to give you a copy of that paper to review and the forms that you need to review it with.

Sample Reviews: Before you begin reviewing, we are asking all reviewers to look over some sample reviews. We will email you these samples along with your 1st paper. These samples should help you to get ready for your own reviews and help to ensure that all of the reviewers are on the same page.

Mentoring: If you are new to reviewing, please let us know. We can put you in touch with an experienced reviewer to act as a mentor for you. Also, if you are an experienced reviewer interested in being a mentor, please let us know.