Peer Review Process

Thank you for your interest in helping us with the peer review process. Most of the proceedings papers that are listed on the site can be reviewed by a generalist rather than a specialist. So, we will ask you to choose the papers that you are interested in reviewing. You can see a list of papers that are ready to review here (this link will be added when we start accepting papers). You can look through the list of papers and find papers that seem to be appropriate to your area of interest. Once you inform us of your choice(s), we will send you a copy of the paper and you can start your review. In general, we ask that a review be completed within a week of being assigned.

Note: The conference proceedings is a peer-reviewed publication and we respect the principle of blind reviews. So, as much as possible, please avoid choosing papers if you recognise the title and either attended the presentation at the conference or know the author.

How to Request a Paper to Review

Selecting a Paper: There is a list of papers that are available for peer review here (this link will be added when we start accepting papers). Please look through that list and choose a paper (or papers) that you would be interested in reviewing. Make a note of the Paper ID and the Submission Title.

Requesting a Paper: Once you have chosen a paper that you are interested in reviewing go to the Request a Paper to Review page and enter the information about the paper you are interested in reviewing. If you prefer you can also email us the Paper Id and Submission Title of the paper you are interested in reviewing.

Reviewing the Paper:  After you have done this we will be in touch with you within 24 hours to give you a copy of that paper to review and the forms that you need to review it with. We will also give you some additional information about the review process along with a sample review to help you with the review process.

Workload: Over 40 papers were submitted to this year’s proceedings. Based on the past few years proceedings we are hoping that it would be possible for each reviewer to read 3 or 4 papers. Of course, some people may be able to volunteer to read more and some people do less. We appreciate any help that we can get.

You can find more details about the Peer Review process here.